JACKIE. 22. CALI. "The way you write rounin is 「浪人」 with the character for wave and the character for person, which is pretty much how I feel, like a little wave person, floating around on the stormy sea of life."
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[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[5] favorite actors

[5] favorite actresses

[5] current celebrity crushes

[5] favorite musicals

  • When did you join Tumblr?: 2009 on my first account.
  • Why did you join Tumblr?: Heard about it on ONTD or OMTD and thought, eh why not. I didn’t use it that much at first until I got into kpop. 
  • What kind of blog do you have?: J-pop, k-pop, television, animanga, cats, food, typical tumblr.
  • How many posts do you have?: 4,323
  • How many likes do you have?: 255, I cleaned it recently.
  • How many messages do you have?: 48
  • How many blogs do you follow?: 189
  • How many followers do you have?: 329
  • How often do you change your theme?: Not often as a I used to. Every two months?
  • How often do you change your icon?: I try not to do it often.
  • List all the urls you’ve ever had: lackadaisily, charmings, dongwoon, nekomachine (not including side and fy accounts)
  • Do you track any tags?: akb48, apink, elementary, nogizaka46, orphan black, takahashi minami, etc.
  • Do you have any favourite blogs?: Yes, the people i reblog a lot.
  • Do you often hit post limit?: Nope.
  • Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?:  Not anymore.
  • Do you ever get anon hate?: Not on this account.
  • Have you made any friends on Tumblr?: Yes. :3
  • What’s the most notes you’ve ever had on a post?: I thought it’d be the puppy post, but apparently it’s a baby + puppy gif with 1 million notes???? On this account, 16k+ for a Free! gifset.
  • What’s your favourite thing about Tumblr?: All the pretty art, and a great way to waste time when there’s nothing else to do.
  • What’s your least favourite thing about Tumblr?: The new recommended blog feature. The weird parts of fandom.
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